About us

Welcome to Coco Couture… the home of Fashion on Four Paws.

My name is Ellis and I am the creator of Coco Couture London. My aim was to create essential doggy accessories that were both comfortable and stylish.

As a passionate dog owner, I understand exactly what our four legged friends mean to us, they are more than just pets, they are family. Coco has been a constant source of love and fun, her adventurous spirit makes me smile every day. She truly has a character and a style all of her own. And I wanted to make sure my Coco looked super cute, whether it be walking in the countryside, riding the tube around London or on a puppy playdate on The Heath.

After “escaping” from numerous collars and harnesses, I realised that Coco, who weighs less than 4KG, did not have much choice in the dog accessory industry. My poor little pup ended up in a cat collar, much to her disgust. This was not the look that my fashionable little Malshipoo was going for !!!

This is when I realised that options for fashionable, cute and comfortable dog accessories were slim. And I decided to start my own brand.

Coco Couture was created with love and pride, to put the pup first and foremost.

The doggies are our top priority when creating any product; their comfort and style is what Coco Couture is all about.

Here at Coco Couture, we want to make sure all dogs are catered for, whether they are big or small, fluffy or hairless, full of energy, or just a dog that loves dirt. That is why we have an amazing customer service team available for any queries on sizing or durability. If you see a product you like but not in your dog’s size, or cannot find exactly what you are looking for,

please get in touch as we want to make sure no dog is left behind in our brand. Thank you for supporting a small business – we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without the support of our customers. We love seeing our adorable 4 pawed friends looking fashionable in CC.


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All our love,
Ellis and the Coco Couture team

Our Future

Hi, I’m Coco, the inspiration of Coco Couture.

I am an 18 month old mischievous Malshipoo pup who loves nothing more than cuddles with mummy and getting up to no good. I may be small in size, but I am one feisty dog. This means I need accessories to match. All products are tested by me to make sure they are top quality and match the slogan ‘Fashion on Four Paws’ I want to make sure all of my friends are as stylish as me!

All my Woofs,